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Solar Power Max: Offering Solar Panel Solutions for Your Home

Solar Power Max is proud to partner with Power Home Technologies in order to bring you the very best in solar energy available anywhere. We have the energy solution that will cost you even less than the amount you are currently paying for your power bill. When you choose us for your solar power needs, gone are the days of having to pay huge amounts for costly solar panels. Our low financing and free installation make having solar power accessible to practically every home and business owner.

Call to learn more and to schedule installation. We can have our team to you in no time, so you can quickly get started with cutting edge, clean, green energy that renews itself daily.

Professionally Installed Solar Panels Offer Efficiency and Cost Savings for Your Home

We offer top quality solar panels, professionally installed in order to bring you major cost savings and impressive efficiency. In fact, the benefits of getting solar energy from Solar Power Max are limitless.

  • Save money on the cost of our panels. We offer an exclusive financing package that includes no down payment, 2.99% interest and 18 months without payment. That makes getting solar power accessible and an easy choice to make.
  • Save even more money with appealing tax incentives – 35% on state taxes and 30% on federal taxes, when you install a solar energy system in your home.
  • Slash your home or business electricity bill by providing your own reliable, renewable energy from the sun. In some cases you can save up to 100% of your energy bill.
  • You always get free professional installation, when you purchase top of the line REC solar panels through authorized retailer Solar Power Max. That means you never have to worry about the how-to of do-it-yourself installation.

The Best Solar Technology is a Solar Power Option that Lasts

REC solar panels are amongst the best of its kind. Solar Power Max and Power Home Technology is committed to bringing you a top quality, dependable solar energy system and for that reason have chosen to only offer the REC Peak Energy Series Solar Panel. Once installed by our trained technicians you can rest assured that you will enjoy the benefits of solar energy for decades to come. A 25 year guarantee on REC solar panels backs us up.

Call us today and get started with the energy of the future. One of our specialized solar technicians will happily answer all your questions and get you scheduled for complimentary installation. Choose green, renewable energy without the hefty investment.

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