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About Home Solar Panels from Solar Power Max

REC Peak Energy Series Solar panels are the cutting edge panels of choice for Solar Power Max. We choose to use only these panels because they are simply the best on the market today. Installation of solar panels should be a one-time investment for most homeowners. That’s why you want to choose panels that will stand the test of time.

The Benefits & Advantages of REC Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar Power Max’s choice of panels offers an array of solid advantages that only one of the leading companies in the solar energy industry can bring you.

  • A strong and durable design
  • Cells made of silicon produced in the United States
  • Anodized black frame made of aluminum
  • Reliable technology thanks to unrelenting quality
  • A 25 year warranty, ensuring stability and longevity

Our Home Solar Panels: An Overview

REC solar panels offer so many advantages that we often forget to consider how they are actually made. With 60 REC PRE multicrystalline cells, our panels rise above the competition. Panels are put together in 3 strings of 20 cells with 3 by-pass diodes. The solar glass is treated so it has an anti-reflection surface. The super resistance polyester backsheets help to protect surfaces. With a sophisticated aluminum black frame, the panels look great too. They are installed with custom-made cables and multi-faceted grounding points for safety, so that they are always secure.

Solar Power Max Solar Panels: Green Living and Eco-Friendly Production

About Home Solar Panels from Solar Power Max REC is an environmentally conscious firm which ensures that the production of its solar panels creates a minimal carbon footprint. As a part of the stringent quality assurance guidelines the company has set for itself, it focuses on being a good corporate citizen. In its modern production facilities everything is made with the environment in mind, so that every way REC can be kinder to the environment, it is. This sustainable firm has manufacturing methods transforming sand into solar power cells that utilize 80 to 90 percent less energy than other more traditional methods. It is a win-win for the environment and the consumer.

The Solar Energy Solution For Your Home

While each home or business has its own solar energy equipment needs, the Solar Power Max team has made sure that it can provide a solution that is ideal for you. Everyone wants the best product on the market, and that’s what you get with us. REC technology is the perfect solution for ever solar panel need.

Call one of our solar panel specialists today to get all your questions answered and schedule an appointment with our professional installers.

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