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How Do Home Solar Panels Work?

Solar power is the transformation of sunlight into electricity through solar cells. Essentially, the sun’s energy is collected by solar panels installed on the roof of your house. It is then transmitted to a charge controller followed by a battery. The DC energy leaves the battery ready for use, or further passes through an inverter to change it into AC electricity for household uses requiring that type of energy, like your television, computer, household appliances and more.

Solar Cells Harness the Sun's Energy

Solar cells or photovoltaic cells (PV cells) are a critical part of the solar panels. They are the square semi-conductors that capture the sun’s rays. Fabricated mostly of thin layers of silicon, these cells are home to chemical reactions caused by sunlight. Electrons are released when the sun strikes a PV cell, which then generates electric current. Multiple solar cells are grouped together into PV modules.

Transporting Solar Energy To Its Destination

Solar panels work to capture the energy of the sun’s rays and the chemical composition of the cells in the panels transform that energy into electricity. Other components of the system are necessary to get the energy from the panels to the places in your home where it can be used. How Solar Panels Work for Your Home | Solar Panel Max A charge controller or regulator takes the energy from the solar panels to the battery. It is further transformed by an inverter that makes the DC current into AC current, which is most commonly used in houses.

How Much Sunlight Do You Need for Home Solar Panels to Work?

Continual access to the sun’s rays is crucial to the success of your solar energy system. Solar panels should not be shaded and should be installed for maximum sun exposure. You can even add specialized tracking devices to systems in order to increase effectiveness. The actual outdoor temperature is unimportant to the success of a solar energy system, so you can enjoy solar energy year round.

Using Solar Energy Panels for Your Home Or Business

When you are harnessing your own energy, you can use that energy to power any electricity need you may have. It works seamlessly with both nontraditional and traditional homes. Panels can also be used to generate electricity for outbuildings like sheds. It is also useful for businesses, security lighting, bus shelters and parking lots. A seamless system allows you to use as much of your own energy as possible and your electric company provides the rest.

Make the call today and speak with a knowledgeable solar energy specialist who can help you get started with an economical, earth-friendly option for your energy needs.

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