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Home Solar Panels in Montana: Eco-Friendly, Green Solar Energy in MT

Solar Power Max brings you only the very best in home solar panels in Montana, so that you can be confident that your home is properly equipped for clean, renewable energy production. Living green is a value that many people hold dear today and using solar energy in your home or business is one of the greenest steps you can take. Because it is still not a mainstream option, most consumers have an abundance of questions about it. Our solar specialists will be happy to answer all your questions, so that you can confidently move forward with your decision to rely on the sun’s rays for your energy in MT.

A Dependable Renewable Energy Source & the Best Solar Technology in Montana

In conjunction with its partner Power Home Technologies, Solar Power Max provides only REC solar panels to its customers. Experience has shown that no other solar panels outperform REC panels in Montana. Streamlined and efficient, these panels are made using green manufacturing methods so that not only is the product one that will help you have a greener lifestyle, it was made by a company with a minimal carbon footprint.

Solar Power & all of its benefits are coming to Montana

Solar energy is an exciting option to replace non-renewable energy sources. In fact, there are many great reasons that it is simply a wise choice for your home or business.

Home Solar Panels in Montana: Eco-Friendly, Green Solar Energy in MT
  • You save significantly on the cost of energy, up to 100% of your energy costs. With a system like ours, all your energy needs are first met by the solar energy system and only if you need more, your traditional source takes over.
  • The energy you are using is completely renewable, ensuring that your carbon footprint is greatly reduced.
  • With the purchase of solar panels from us, you get free professional installation, so you can rest assured that your system is working optimally.
  • The value of your in MT home rises with the installation of solar panels.
  • You can save even more money with tax incentives from both state and federal governments, as well as other financial incentives for your environmentally conscious choice.
  • Our system is incredibly affordable, due to our offer of no money down, 18 months of no payments and a rock bottom interest rate of 2.99%.


Take a green step forward by calling us today. Our team of solar specialists is available to handle all your queries and get your installation scheduled. Go green now with solar panels in Montana - a renewable resource for your energy needs so you are a part of a cleaner tomorrow.

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